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Welcome to Bloperino Town!

Hungry? Art-starved? Adventure-longing? Then, you arrived at the right destination! In this charming little town you can eat famous street food, go to a world-renowned museum, dive into conversation with the locals, and... huh? what's that over- no, please! I was just- *%H$G·Y&H%F*


What was that about?

Is this town not all what it seems?! 🐭

You'll have to explore the 5 areas, master the battle system, and defeat the final boss to find out!


Interact: Z

Jump/Go Back: X

Inventory: C

Move: Arrow keys

🎮 You can also play with a CONTROLLER! 

START is Inventory, B is Interact, and A is Jump/Go Back!

Move with LEFT STICK


The game lasts about half an hour, but it can take longer! Progress doesn't save, so be careful about closing it!


▪️There are secret characters to find in the game! Will you be able to encounter these elusive individuals?

▪️If you press 13 at the MUNDONUEBO intro screen, you will activate a froggy indie game cameo! 🐸 Don't worry, you won't Die In The Dungeon this time... or will you?

▪️If you find the 3 hidden Blopotions, take a screenshot and send it our way to get a special price! The first 6 players to do so will get a character of their choice drawn in the style of OUAB and put inside the game! ✏️🖼️

[2 claimed!]

▪️Want more? Then try out the prototype of OUAB! It has content and secrets you can't find in the final version!

StatusOn hold
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsMUNDONUEBO, Jaun, ᴶᴼᴿᴶᴲ
Tags3D, Action RPG, Animals, Colorful, Cute, Funny, Hand-drawn, Short, Turn-based


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Never played the first few turn based Paper Mario Games but played the 3rd one. Very nice and cute game!